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Art is the means through which Marbal expresses himself and communicates his message to mankind.

The artist’s multifaceted nature is visible in the various artistic skills he has mastered:


Marbal as a sculptor sees art as the expression of emotive vibrations, as a means through which the energetic side of each person can express itself. An artist is a person who can use this means and can transfer into the physical dimension all the feelings he experiences on a spiritual level.

Marbal’s art has reached a perfect correspondence with his inner feelings, so by observing his works, one cannot fail to see the message they express.



The message finds its roots in the deep spirituality that Marbal cultivated all his life and that now has reached the calm horizon of faith. Faith for Marbal is being free from religious ideologies that influence the human soul for totally worldly purposes.

Faith is continuous communication with the Source of Love, which is not in a temple, nor at the peak of a mountain, but is present in the soul of every single person.



At this point it is possible to define more clearly the role of art in Marbal’s life as an artist: it is an alphabet whose letters form a message of love that he received in the energetic dimension of the Source of Light with which he communicates.

Marbal’s first and foremost message of art is the following: everyone has the possibility to communicate with the Divine Love. This relationship is at the base of inner and outer healing of humankind.

The second is a message of hope: Marbal is sure of the triumph of the Good over Evil, death is constantly chasing life, but will never reach it, because life goes on, life is eternal, life is… life.






The third message suggests giving oneself trustingly to Love like the child who trusts his mother’s care. Welcoming Love, becoming expression of that Love, means laying the foundation to renew humankind from the inside.


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