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The respect for the environment is the respect for man, because man is the environment. The separation of these two realities has led to an ephemeral society that has given in to the myth of disposability.

For the artist Marbal the respect for the environment is represented by the passionate and thorough study of nature, its laws and its rhythm marked by the passing of seasons.

The origin of this can be traced back to the long walks around the local mountains and hills, books in hand to recognise the species and to discover the most hidden places still unspoilt by human intervention.


In the silence of nature, man finds himself The safeguard of biodiversity guarantees the survival of humankind. By protecting the environment, man safeguards himself.


It is in the silence of the woods that the artist Marbal began to consider the possibility of projecting his artistic streak onto the landscape. What was at the start a rough baked idea became reality with the Art and Environment Project which led to, amongst other things, Marbal’s Botanical Garden.


The love for nature has resulted in the creation of the Botanical Garden Marbal The response of nature to any question is always written with the language of love.


Marbal’s art has fitted harmoniously into the environment and this union has generated works that do not spoil the landscape but, on the contrary, enhance and nourish it.


The respect and safeguard of the environment in the works of maestro Marbal A detail of Marbal’s Botanical Garden where the alpine, hill and lowland landscapes have been recreated (photo taken at sunset when the sunrays confer a golden colour to the rocks).


It is the artist’s burning desire to spread his passion for nature, especially to the new generations that have the hard task to amend the mistakes from the past. Hence the Didactic Project for all those classes that feel the need to have hands-on lessons, for example on how to sow and grow plants and flowers, and feritlise the soil in a totally natural way.

The visit to the Botanical Garden ends and is completed by Marbal’s Museum, where some of the many pieces by the artist Marbal are kept, created during his long career. There it is also possible to see a collection of shells from all over the world.


Marbal's Museum Marbal's Museum


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