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The Botanic Garden represents the artistic and human maturity of Marbal as a sculptor. It is a work alive continuously changing, which from the original project on paper has blossomed, like a shoot from its seeds, becoming even richer and more beautiful.



Maestro Marbal personally tends to every flowerbed and plant, from which he obtains vegetable pieces of art.

The uniqueness of the Botanic Garden lies, among other things to be discovered, in the presence of miniature trees, of which only some are potted (bonsais), while most of them are planted in the ground, but on a small turf directly on the bare rock.

Miniature tree, Pinus sylvestris L.


As a consequence, the plant has few nutrients at its disposal to flourish, therefore its growth is slower than usual.

Moreover, these plants need constant pruning in order to keep the desired look and size. Marbal is in charge of it thanks to his experience in this field: with a few snips he can give the plant, grown in an untidy way, an artistic form, which however is not too dissimilar from its original shape in nature. This explains the term miniature trees.

The concept underlying the arrangement of the plants is Marbal’s intention to reproduce miniature forms of the local flora. The species that can be admired are only autochthonous. Moreover, plants that are originally close in natural woods have been placed next to each other.

This Botanic Garden was created starting from the careful observation of nature and from the desire to respect every display, introducing human intervention as a helping hand complementary to the overall harmony.

Dianthus deltoides








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