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The educational project has been active for some years in cooperation with Legambiente in Sernaglia della Battaglia and is aimed at making students aware of the safeguard and respect of the environment.

Sculptor Marbal guides pupils to discover the area where they live in, encouraging them to analyse the different phases of the plants and flowers growth and he explains the possibility of recycling scraps of the garden, such as branches and dry leaves, letting them rot and thus turning into compost for plants.

The educational project represents Marbal’s desire to transform an area of the Botanical Garden into a research on plants starting from their sowing to until their maintenance including fertilization and pruning.

All this is carried out in order to allow young people approach a different reality from what, for instance, a videogame can offer. A reality that can make them develop a loving relationship with nature, so that new generations will not make the same catastrophic mistakes as the previous ones.


The educational project


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