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The half-moon is situated at the entrance of Fontigo in the Municipality of Sernaglia della Battaglia (Treviso), along the road that from Conegliano goes to Valdobbiadene and Vidor.

The half-moon is an element shaped on the ground that stands out in the surrounding plain. The crescent moon points at mount Cansiglio and towards mount Visentin.

It has a symbolic meaning of connection with the celestial vault whose stars affect the biorhythms of the human beings on earth, and it has an energetic power as it absorbs the sun particles to return them to the earth.

In his works, the artist Marbal always pays great attention to the study of his surroundings, which are analysed from different points of view, often overlooked by modern architecture: knowing the energy dynamics that rule life on earth is very important to create healthy environments where people can live well.

The orientation of the house

This concept was known 60 years ago. The “elderly”, before erecting a building, had a rather peculiar way of testing a place: they would stick a wood pole into the ground and leave it exposed to the elements for a year. At the end of the year they would check in what way and where it had eroded, thus perfectly knowing the orientation according to which they would build their houses. The side where moss would grow was where no windows should be positioned. Along this cardinal direction the corner of the building was instead placed. This orientation gave the house a position that allowed the greatest solar exposure even in winter.


Project 1: the Half-moon


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