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In Medjugorje: the Virgin Mary carved on the ground

With this project sculptor Marbal changes theme and approaches religious art again, which this time is engraved on the ground to leave an indelible mark.

We are at Medjugorje, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the site of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary and place of intense and fervent prayers.

Marbal, asked to create a project, first, as is normal for him, carries out an accurate analysis of the area from a historical and environmental point of view. The findings are the presence of a castrum romanum, 10 km from Medjugorje, in Bigeste near Ljubuski, and of a Christian basilica from the first centuries in Mogorjelo. Forty km from Medjugorje, in Gorica near Grude, there is the Basilica dedicated to protomartyr St Stephen, and a Roman road supposedly linked these places to each other. In Medjugorje, on Mt Krizevac, the remains of the Illyrian culture can be found.

Starting from this basis, sculptor Marbal came up with an initial draft of the project that originally included rays departing from the Casa del Pellegrino to spread around in the garden.

One night maestro Marbal, in one of his dreams, saw as a vision the project completely different from how it was originally conceived.

Marbal decided to follow his inspiration and put down on paper the project which was received by the clients with great enthusiasm and who with no hesitations allowed its creation.

After his intense spiritual experience, the artist decided to donate this piece. The result can be seen in these images.



Progetto 5: Giardino della Casa del pellegrino


Foto aerea progetto 5
Foto aerea progetto 5










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