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The Botanic Garden is not a work that can be described in a few lines, and not even a volume full of pages can convey the many emotions that overpower you, when you arrive. These are feelings that are hard to describe… they have to be experienced first hand in order to fully savour them.

The Botanic Garden is a project to which Marbal has dedicated several years of his professional life (from 1985 to 2008) and that still keeps him busy with the maintenance and renewal of certain areas inside.

It includes the flower landscapes of the plain, the hill and the sub-Alpine areas with miniature trees and various botanic essences.

Harmoniously embedded in the vegetation is a stone amphitheatre used for concerts in collaboration with the Municipality of Sernaglia della Battaglia (Treviso), whose administration has always been keen to be involved with the organisation of cultural events.

A semi-circular structure rises in the southern part of the Botanic Garden; its central point is aligned to the feudal walls of the area: Mura di Credazzo (in the north), Castello di Collalto (in the east), Rocca di Cornuda (in the west), and the Roman imperial road Claudia Augusta (in the south).

This structure also acts as a theatre and it was opened to the public in June 2008, coinciding with the 90th anniversary of the end of the Great War, with concerts organised for the occasion.

From this theatre some rays engraved on the ground depart attracting the sun, seen as a source of energy and life.

The sunrays ideally lead to the centre of the Botanic Garden where a puddle can be found from which rises a stone sculpture made of a ring whose function is to attract solar particles and channel them into the garden.

Around the puddle a piece was recently installed, which represents the Alps in miniature form, the source of the Piave River, and its course until it flows into the Adriatic Sea. Naturally the flora introduced is typical of every altitude level.

Due to the historical-cultural importance of the Botanic Garden, Marbal was awarded the prize Premio Altino (Venice) in 1994.


Project 2: the Botanic Garden


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