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For Marbal the landscape becomes an occasion for artistic expression, at the same time innovative and genuine.

The touch he leaves on his projects symbolises the fusion between man and nature, which mutually help each other.

For far too long man has lost touch with the surrounding landscape: he can no longer understand its signals, and follow the fundamental rhythms that for millennia have marked his life.

The result is visible to anyone: man appears to be dehumanised, the inner malaise is continuously increasing especially among the well-off, those who walk fast in the streets of the big cities with serious and worried expressions on their faces.

Marbal’s proposal falls into this picture of dark colours like a strong wind that sweeps away the clouds, letting in the beneficial sunrays. From studying the landscape it is possible to build human settlements in accordance with the environment on the one hand without altering its balance, and on the other hand regulating its development.

Marbal’s proposal


As a result, the projects are created to safeguard the environment starting from a careful analysis of the vegetation present in the area, in order not to ruin it by introducing non-autochthonous species. Besides, a historical study is carried out in order to recover the roots of human communities settled there.

In the project Art and Environment Marbal expresses all his creativity, like already noticeable by looking at his drawings.

Whoever saw the completed gardens said they were pervaded by a sense of peace and inner serenity that is difficult to reach elsewhere.

Marbal as a sculptor reveals that the secret ingredients for this recipe are the fruit of the careful work previously mentioned: different plants have been placed facing the sunlight and compatible species have been combined. The flowerbeds have been designed and made using soft harmonious geometrical lines.

Art and Environment
Art and Environment
Art and Environment






Project 5
Project 5












It is the plants, continuously and suitably tended by Marbal himself, that create and transmit an intense and positive energy field.

It is this very energy field which is absorbed by people, who are unaware of it, but emotionally affected by the feelings that the environment produces in them, therefore creating a feeling of quietness and relaxation perceived by the oblivious visitors.

Marbal’s message aims at making the whole earth emit a positive and vital energy field. Only in this way can the destiny of humanity be turned around, otherwise the fall into the abyss will only be a matter of time.

The message


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